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Hello! I'm Maciej, a Product Designer at Microsoft, specializing in creating innovative digital solutions and interactive experiences. I combine creativity with technology to deliver seamless, user-centric designs

INK TANK is a mobile application focused on promoting tattoo culture and helping to connect people that are looking for a new unique tattoo design with artists from around the world. The application offers a variety of features such as advanced search engines, booking appointments, and social media.


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Your Next Smart Move.

HomeLend is a responsive web app that provides real estate buyers with investment information on properties of interest. With its customizable search options, the application allows users to find the best house for their budget.  

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you are running

A mobile application that provides runners with routes personalized to their needs and goals with real-time navigation.



Nobject is a concept high-end

furniture store.

Point Out


A real estate application used in open houses that specify property features and opinions utilizing iBeacons placed around the house. Allows buyers to give detailed feedback to a realtor and have private viewing without the presents of a real estate agent.

Family Safety 

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